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Post  Admin on Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:35 am

1)No Spamming
2)If you scam anyone we have full right to ban you
3)Don't ask to Un Ban Anyone
4)Do not PM anyone until they ask in thread or you had a exchange with them
5)Follow every board's Rules
6)Referral links are allowed ONLY In The Referral Exchange Board, Down line Builder, Referral Deals Board And In Your Signature.
7)Do not post adult or illegal material.
8)Account selling is forbidden
9)Respect Staff and our fellow members
10)Do not create multiple accounts with the intention to flame, neg rep, spam, cause disruption, deceive and/or cheat people.

Thanks in advance for obeying these rules to help make talkgold the best forum online. All moderators and admins will use their own discression with warning and/or banning members.



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