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Finally, after months of development & testing, NeoPTC, the brand new PTC that will change your ideas about this business, is launched!

So what is NeoPTC and what's so special about it? Where's the guarantee that it will stay in this unreliable PTC world?

NeoPTC was created by a team of experienced analysts. We've been watching the PTC world for years, and decided that now it's time to act. Basically a very good idea of PTC is now notorious because of so called "scammers" willing to simply get some many and run away. Now here's the fact: a very well-organized PTC model will bring good profit for both the owners and the users. So what are the problems of current PTCs?

They work as pyramid schemes. And most of you know that already. Although PTC is intended to mean "get paid to click", today it means "get paid to invest... if you're lucky". Indeed, all PTCs rely on money coming from "referrals" and "upgrades". People invest, those who invest first, get paid. People at the "bottom" of the pyramid don't get paid. Pretty simple. And sad.

The key problem here is that nobody wants to pay $5 or so for 100 clicks. It's ridiculous. You can pay approximately the same amount and use pay per clicks services like Google AdSense, where only targeted and interested in your product customers will click your ad.

What's our solution? We offer real advertising for advertisers and real ads to view for users. Yes, the click rate will be lower, .3 cents on average, but you will get a lot more ads! Right now we offer 7 ads for Standard Members. By the end of 2010 there will be 10-12 ads. And by the end of 2011, according to our calculations, there will be 20 ads for Standard Members, and twice as much for Golden Members. That's 40 ads!

This strong advertising model will be our key element that will lead us to success. There won't be any stupid limitations all other PTC sites have, because we work differently.

No referral limits
Yeah, you heard that right. You can refer as many people as you want. There will be rented referrals limit, because the amount of unreferred members is, alas, not unlimited.

No hidden fees
Does paying for expired referrals make you sick? Same here. You will never ever ever have to do it here. Because there's no need in that!

Regarding instant payments... Right now we're working on implementing them, but at the moment it's far more safe to simply use classic payments. Yes, it's not that convenient, but there will be no delays. Some time in 2011 we are planning to introduce instant payments.

A couple of important notices. The site is in beta mode. We will officially launch between July 20th, 2010 & August 1st, 2010. Not later. Please note that your balances will be zeroed, when the site launches, but your referrals will be saved.

Right now several functions of the site are temporarily disabled:

- Renting referrals (we need to refer more unreferred users before we can start selling them)
- Golden Membership
- Profile page
- Cashout page
- Support page
- SSL certificate

The minimum amount paid is $1.00.
All payments are made via AlertPay and Liberty Reserve.

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